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college_help deals with all things college. Whether you're a high school student thinking about college, to a college student that needs help from other college students, to college students that want to help high school students (because you know what the college process is like), to adults who can help both highschool and college students (because you know what both applying to college and being in college is like), to those that have college related questions, and to anyone in general that feels they can offer advice to those that ask - this community is for you.

college_help is one of a kind. Try it. Do a search for college help. What do you get? This, now. But before there was nothing. Me and my friends experience with college was bad. No one would help us - there wasn't anything anybody could do for us. It was up to us. I don't want anyone to have to go through what my friends and I went through. We needed advice regarding questions ranging from financial aid, which college is best for me, what should I do to get off the wait list, etc? Also, when I get into college, I know I'm going to need help. Whether it ranges from how to write a paper, or what to do about my unruly room mate, this is the place where we can get advice. I hope that this community will be helpful to high school students and college students alike. Enjoy yourselves, and come back often! :)

ukelele says: "we are not admissions counselors and we cannot tell you your chances of getting into any particular school."

Helpful Hints

* If you are going to post your scores for your SATs, ACT, classes, etc, please do so behind an LJ Cut, and include the word SCORES in the title. This is making people uncomfortable.

* An LJ Cut is done this way: (WITHOUT the *) <*lj-cut text="My Scores">your scores<*/lj-cut>

* PLEASE be respectful of every member in the community or you will be banned

* Remember that people asking for help may continue to do so in the comments. Check back regularly to see if they continued asking in the comments.

* Tell others about this community - whether they need help, or wish to offer help! Both ways, more questions will be asked resulting in more answers.

* And of course, ask away (with info), offer advice (try your best), and stay in school! :)

* If you need to get in contact with the mod for any reason, please reference this post


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