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I've posted a few times before in my blog about school and never any responses back. So I am posting here in hopes for a helping hand. Anyways, I am a 22 year old Canadian looking into going back to school, well university. I am from Ontario, and I am hoping there is some one out there who can help point me in a good direction, or at least some tips!

I've already done a college program and finished it, to soon realize once I completed it, that it was not my career choice.

I know where my end results are, and that is to do. I am just not sure the steps to take to get there. Help would be greatly appreciated. My end result is in hopes to be a primary teacher, kindergarten to grade 3. So I know once I've done three-four years of university it is a year of teachers college. But what exactly should I be applying for in university?

Also, this is probably something I should have noted earlier, I am a mother of a two year old. So I am hoping that there are some online courses I can look into, or even part-time, or even night classes! Something that I can juggle both being a mom and I also work part-time at the YMCA in their children programs.

I've looked into Lakehead University for my BEd degree. But how do I get there!

Help please.
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