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So I am having a lot of anxiety with what to do next with my life, so I am going to ask for some unbiased advice. First a little short bio: I'm an almost 24 year old only child who graduated over a year ago with a BA in environmental studies and sociology. I also only have one parent, a single rich father whose only goal in life is to see me get a phd.

I am finishing up a year of Americorps coordinating internship programs for an estuary research reserve. Besides environmental education/policy internships, that's been my only work experience.
I've always loved the ocean but living in a tight knit community with a good group of people is more important to me.
For the past 11 months, I've been seeing a guy I met while living in Australia. We're deeply in love and I've applied for a work visa to live there from December-June 2014. After that, he claims hell get a work visa and follow me to graduate school. I love where he lives and could definitely see myself living there.

My dad has pressured me so much that I have given in and decided to apply for graduate school for the fall of 2014. I do want to go back, but I'm afraid it's too early for me to make the right decision.
I have Always enjoyed combining my skills with the humanities and my interest in ecology. My ultimate career goal is to be an effective environmental communicator. Ideally, I'd like to work at a nonprofit and be a writer.
I have always felt a special affinity towards the ocean and helping those in need and am passionate about women's rights.

So I am looking at a few different types of graduate schools: international environmental policy with a concentration in ocean resource management (monterey institute for international studies), or environmental studies with a concentration in writing (university of Montana's MFA program that trains graduates to comunicate about environmental problems through their creative writings usinng an activist and scientific approach).If I could just combine Monterey and Montana's program, that would be ideal, but on the other hand I wonder--am I ready??

I feel like im adequate in creative writing (I have two books published) and nothing besides love and being in water makes me feel so alive.

My dad just yelled at me on the phone, demanding I get a phd so i can find a job (and I should choose the graduate school that is most likely to find me a respectable career.) although I'd like that economic stability, I'm of the philosophy that Life is not all about this upward capitalistic American dream. Give me love, wildness, a good story, and some good old activism and im happier than ever.

What do you think would be the most appropriate graduate school for what I've told you? What should I do about my dad? What would you chase after at this time in your life if you were me?

Thanks a lot and sorry this is a mouthful.
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