Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in college_help,

what would be the most appropriate grad school

I want to be a writer and I also would love to run my own organization, possibly start one some day. I want to focus specifically on environmental, experiental education and outreach, where the local community can get involved and learn about the local environment (ideally marine) through both scientific and artistic ways (like photography, writing, etc.) 
So I want to be a leader/entreprener, as well as a writer and have basic knowledge of environmental/marine science, etc. I have an undergraduate degree in environmental studies and sociology and currently am finishing up a 2 month desk internship at a nonprofit (learning I'm not super into policy/research). 

I am nearly required to go to graduate school, so I was wondering what you all think would be the best route to take? I feel like there is not one answer, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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