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Dad makes too much money but --i don't get a dime!

Age:21 Female Want to be a nurse Broke: there's no jobs in my Po-dunk town in PA So my dad has a great government job working towards retirement at a state penitentiary. He makes quite a bit of money needless to say, when I apply for FASFA and such I do't get a lot of grants or money because of it! urgh!! I live in Pennsylvania and I want to go to college in Brooklyn, NY. I really need advice on how to finance this operation, I would have to live on campus, so include residence fees and such....I don't know a thing about financing myself for college in any way. Im a freshman in my second semester at a small community college (2 year) in PA just taking Generals to start off. But my fiance lives in Brooklyn, I can't get a good enough job withot a degree to live in NYC, and I'm sick of only seeing him once a month for 3 days. It's killing me!! I need to be closer to him and I love NYC, I cannot live with him and his father, I tried that. I have no family to live with there and no friends either. So I don't know how to start to get there..............any suggestions?! PLEASE help any way you can...even some encouragement is nice =] Thank you <3
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