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Housing Problems

I'm transferring as a junior to a small private liberal arts school next month from a large, mostly commuter state school. I lived at home while going to the state school and now that I'm transferring I'll be living on campus. Earlier in the year, I went to an open-house type thing with my dad and he said that he thought it would be better if I stayed in the freshman dorms so I would be able to meet more people and have more of a typical college experience since at my new school I'll most likely be there for 3 years because I plan on adding a double major. I agreed, because my dad is helping finance my education and because the dorms seemed really big. Even though I had originally planned on staying in an upperclassman dorm and just requesting a roommate who was also a transfer, so it would be a similar situation.

A few days ago I got my room assignment. Instead of being in the freshman dorm like I'd thought, I was put in an upperclassmen dorm. At first I was a little bummed, but I got over it really fast.I was excited because online floorplans showed that each person in this dorm got their own room and just shared a bathroom. The RD said that it was because they had filled up the freshman dorm, and the remaining freshman were being placed in the upperclassmen dorm on the 2nd floor, and that there were 30 freshman. I'm on the 2nd floor with freshman and my roommate is a freshman. When I talked to her, she said that her advisor had told her that they were doubling the rooms and having 2 people in each bedroom with 4 people sharing a bathroom. 

I had emailed my RD earlier to ask why I was in the upperclassmen dorm and he said that "your roommate is a freshman and so are your suitemates". I'm really upset. The upperclassmen dorms are much smaller than the freshman dorms because they were designed for only 1 person in the bedroom and 2 people to a bathroom. From the floorplan, it doesn't even look like there's enough room to comfortably fit 2 beds/desks/dressers into one of those rooms. I don't even understand where they're going to materialize the extras from anyways, if the housing is so full. 

I know this is stupid. I just can't shake the disappointment and sadness that I feel everytime I think about my housing situation this fall. I don't know what to do. Not to mention that I'm an introverted, and I can't even spend days on end with my best freinds sleeping over at my house before little things start to get on my nerves and I just need alone time. I've thought about e-mailing the school and explaining that I'm transferring in as a junior, and that I'm not a freshman and seeing what they say, but I don't want to annoy or upset them.
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