Zoe Fox (muffn_enchntrss) wrote in college_help,
Zoe Fox

The end of college--emotions!

I just have a question for those of who have graduated college... 
We have two weeks left, and I am definitely not feeling what I thought I would feel. I  have felt accomplished and happy the last two months because of everything I have accomplished, and I've been really proud of myself (it was a super rare but marvelous feeling.) Yet now as I only have a couple exams left, I feel super lonely. I am scared of where I'm going, feel shitty/nervous about my relationships, and lost in all directions. This may sound over-dramatic, but I am feeling  over-dramatic right now. I thought I would want to party and dance and not give a shit. I had a one night stand with one of my friends two weeks ago, which although  it was really nice,  it has left me craving more affection since I got that small preview  just a couple weeks ago (since there were only a few weeks left, we aren't really doing anything to follow up with that). Usually I'm content at being independent and single, but these last two weeks of college is way lonlier and emptier than I was imangining. 

How did you feel when graduating? Is this normal feelings or should I seriously consider talking to someone? One of my best friends has basically indicated he can't really handle it, so I can't really open up to him anymore, and I barely see my other closest freind unless we make something happen, and I don't want to call her up just talk about this because I would feel like I'd be using her. (Plus, i mostly feel these things at inopportune moments or late at night, like now.) What would you suggest? Should I just let the feelings past or try to overcome this? I guess I'm panicking because, with little time left, I eallydon't want to feel like this. 

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