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[asked on Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 11:37pm]

Greetings to all dedicated youths,

The registration period is just around the corner. Have you gathered up your team members?

Don't miss out on your chance to participate in the prestigious Youth Economic Conference 2017.The culturally rich city of Yogyakarta is waiting for you!

For further information:
Line: @aju6891t
IG: @gmad_ugm
Twitter: @gmad2017

Dania +628 1934 166 486
Fatika +628 5640 189 547

#YEConGMAD2017 #YEC2017 #takeittothenextlevel
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Youth Economic Conference 2017 [asked on Monday, January 16, 2017 @ 3:09pm]

The long awaited event has come!

Youth Economic Conference is coming back in May 2017 under the Grand Theme of:

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Transforming ASEAN Economy through Digitalization to Increase Nation’s Welfare"

Accompanying the Grand Theme are three Sub-Themes relating to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on the welfare of ASEAN nations.

Want to know more about the conference and all its sub-themes? Go check the infographics in our LINE Official Account and head over to our website to download the booklet!

Registration opens on February 2nd, 2017.

See you soon in Yogyakarta!

For further information:

Line: @aju6891t

IG: @gmad_ugm

Twitter: @gmad2017


Dania +628 1934 166 486

Fatika +628 5640 189 547

#YEConGMAD2017 #YEC2017 #takeittothenextlevel
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5 Fantastic Websites That Offer Free College Textbooks [asked on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 @ 4:04pm]

College Textbooks are expensive that's why we put a list of websites together for you where you can find some of the best and at the same free college textbooks

Click Here

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resume help [asked on Saturday, March 01, 2014 @ 10:32pm]

I just found out that I got to phase 2 of the application process for a dental hygiene program. I am one of the top 20 candidates. They only accept 12 students, so I don't want to blow it. Unfortunately I don't really understand what they are asking for. The e-mail says:

The committee asks that you submit 2 documents prior to the interview date – a resume and an essay. Your professional resume should include a personal statement as to why Dental Hygiene is your career choice. The essay should be one page, and should be on the following topic: “What is a dental hygienist and why I would like to become a dental hygienist.”

I am confused about the personal statement on the resume. They want these e-mailed to them, and I would think a personal statement would be on a cover sheet. But a cover sheet and an essay seem redundant. Should I just put it as an objective? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Major, major decision [asked on Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 4:59pm]

Hi everyone! I'm deciding between a degree in English or Psychology, but I can't decide which one I want more? Could some English and Psych majors give me pros and cons? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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MLA Formatting [asked on Monday, January 20, 2014 @ 1:44am]

So I have to type up an essay for English 1A in MLA format, which I've never done before. I've only got WordPad, will this program be able to format correctly for MLA or is there a better program? If WordPad will work, how do I get set it so that the text is 1in in from the border?
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hello [asked on Monday, October 14, 2013 @ 12:51pm]

I'm thinking about going back to college. I was wondering if it would be worth it to take a BOCES course to become a vet assistant, so I could work as one while going to my local community college to become a Technician? With the long term goal of becoming a veterinarian.
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Help [asked on Tuesday, October 01, 2013 @ 1:30pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I've posted a few times before in my blog about school and never any responses back. So I am posting here in hopes for a helping hand. Anyways, I am a 22 year old Canadian looking into going back to school, well university. I am from Ontario, and I am hoping there is some one out there who can help point me in a good direction, or at least some tips!

I've already done a college program and finished it, to soon realize once I completed it, that it was not my career choice.

I know where my end results are, and that is to do. I am just not sure the steps to take to get there. Help would be greatly appreciated. My end result is in hopes to be a primary teacher, kindergarten to grade 3. So I know once I've done three-four years of university it is a year of teachers college. But what exactly should I be applying for in university?

Also, this is probably something I should have noted earlier, I am a mother of a two year old. So I am hoping that there are some online courses I can look into, or even part-time, or even night classes! Something that I can juggle both being a mom and I also work part-time at the YMCA in their children programs.

I've looked into Lakehead University for my BEd degree. But how do I get there!

Help please.

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[asked on Thursday, August 22, 2013 @ 4:25pm]

So I am having a lot of anxiety with what to do next with my life, so I am going to ask for some unbiased advice. First a little short bio: I'm an almost 24 year old only child who graduated over a year ago with a BA in environmental studies and sociology. I also only have one parent, a single rich father whose only goal in life is to see me get a phd.

I am finishing up a year of Americorps coordinating internship programs for an estuary research reserve. Besides environmental education/policy internships, that's been my only work experience.
I've always loved the ocean but living in a tight knit community with a good group of people is more important to me.
For the past 11 months, I've been seeing a guy I met while living in Australia. We're deeply in love and I've applied for a work visa to live there from December-June 2014. After that, he claims hell get a work visa and follow me to graduate school. I love where he lives and could definitely see myself living there.

My dad has pressured me so much that I have given in and decided to apply for graduate school for the fall of 2014. I do want to go back, but I'm afraid it's too early for me to make the right decision.
I have Always enjoyed combining my skills with the humanities and my interest in ecology. My ultimate career goal is to be an effective environmental communicator. Ideally, I'd like to work at a nonprofit and be a writer.
I have always felt a special affinity towards the ocean and helping those in need and am passionate about women's rights.

So I am looking at a few different types of graduate schools: international environmental policy with a concentration in ocean resource management (monterey institute for international studies), or environmental studies with a concentration in writing (university of Montana's MFA program that trains graduates to comunicate about environmental problems through their creative writings usinng an activist and scientific approach).If I could just combine Monterey and Montana's program, that would be ideal, but on the other hand I wonder--am I ready??

I feel like im adequate in creative writing (I have two books published) and nothing besides love and being in water makes me feel so alive.

My dad just yelled at me on the phone, demanding I get a phd so i can find a job (and I should choose the graduate school that is most likely to find me a respectable career.) although I'd like that economic stability, I'm of the philosophy that Life is not all about this upward capitalistic American dream. Give me love, wildness, a good story, and some good old activism and im happier than ever.

What do you think would be the most appropriate graduate school for what I've told you? What should I do about my dad? What would you chase after at this time in your life if you were me?

Thanks a lot and sorry this is a mouthful.
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[asked on Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 9:26pm]

Hi all! I'm a SAHM of two beautiful little girls, 24 months, and 3 months. I'm a sophomore in college going for my degree in EC-6 Education with a concentration in ELAR, and took this past semester off after having my 2nd daughter. I'm looking to go back to school part-time in addition to getting my vet tech degree in spare time online. I'd like to take a sidebar and get a degree in something I can do from home to make money, while I'm continuing my main degree. I'm interested in Web Developmen/Designt. I'm looking for a school that accepts FAFSA, is on semester schedule, and where you get actual textbooks, not virtual books. Can anyone help??
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what would be the most appropriate grad school [asked on Monday, October 22, 2012 @ 3:27pm]

I want to be a writer and I also would love to run my own organization, possibly start one some day. I want to focus specifically on environmental, experiental education and outreach, where the local community can get involved and learn about the local environment (ideally marine) through both scientific and artistic ways (like photography, writing, etc.) 
So I want to be a leader/entreprener, as well as a writer and have basic knowledge of environmental/marine science, etc. I have an undergraduate degree in environmental studies and sociology and currently am finishing up a 2 month desk internship at a nonprofit (learning I'm not super into policy/research). 

I am nearly required to go to graduate school, so I was wondering what you all think would be the best route to take? I feel like there is not one answer, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Dad makes too much money but --i don't get a dime! [asked on Sunday, October 14, 2012 @ 11:14pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Age:21 Female Want to be a nurse Broke: there's no jobs in my Po-dunk town in PA So my dad has a great government job working towards retirement at a state penitentiary. He makes quite a bit of money needless to say, when I apply for FASFA and such I do't get a lot of grants or money because of it! urgh!! I live in Pennsylvania and I want to go to college in Brooklyn, NY. I really need advice on how to finance this operation, I would have to live on campus, so include residence fees and such....I don't know a thing about financing myself for college in any way. Im a freshman in my second semester at a small community college (2 year) in PA just taking Generals to start off. But my fiance lives in Brooklyn, I can't get a good enough job withot a degree to live in NYC, and I'm sick of only seeing him once a month for 3 days. It's killing me!! I need to be closer to him and I love NYC, I cannot live with him and his father, I tried that. I have no family to live with there and no friends either. So I don't know how to start to get there..............any suggestions?! PLEASE help any way you can...even some encouragement is nice =] Thank you <3

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Housing Problems [asked on Monday, July 16, 2012 @ 1:25pm]

I'm transferring as a junior to a small private liberal arts school next month from a large, mostly commuter state school. I lived at home while going to the state school and now that I'm transferring I'll be living on campus. Earlier in the year, I went to an open-house type thing with my dad and he said that he thought it would be better if I stayed in the freshman dorms so I would be able to meet more people and have more of a typical college experience since at my new school I'll most likely be there for 3 years because I plan on adding a double major. I agreed, because my dad is helping finance my education and because the dorms seemed really big. Even though I had originally planned on staying in an upperclassman dorm and just requesting a roommate who was also a transfer, so it would be a similar situation.

Read more...Collapse )
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The end of college--emotions! [asked on Saturday, May 05, 2012 @ 12:19am]

I just have a question for those of who have graduated college... 
We have two weeks left, and I am definitely not feeling what I thought I would feel. I  have felt accomplished and happy the last two months because of everything I have accomplished, and I've been really proud of myself (it was a super rare but marvelous feeling.) Yet now as I only have a couple exams left, I feel super lonely. I am scared of where I'm going, feel shitty/nervous about my relationships, and lost in all directions. This may sound over-dramatic, but I am feeling  over-dramatic right now. I thought I would want to party and dance and not give a shit. I had a one night stand with one of my friends two weeks ago, which although  it was really nice,  it has left me craving more affection since I got that small preview  just a couple weeks ago (since there were only a few weeks left, we aren't really doing anything to follow up with that). Usually I'm content at being independent and single, but these last two weeks of college is way lonlier and emptier than I was imangining. 

How did you feel when graduating? Is this normal feelings or should I seriously consider talking to someone? One of my best friends has basically indicated he can't really handle it, so I can't really open up to him anymore, and I barely see my other closest freind unless we make something happen, and I don't want to call her up just talk about this because I would feel like I'd be using her. (Plus, i mostly feel these things at inopportune moments or late at night, like now.) What would you suggest? Should I just let the feelings past or try to overcome this? I guess I'm panicking because, with little time left, I eallydon't want to feel like this. 

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answers and questions [asked on Monday, April 16, 2012 @ 2:22pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Hey everyone!

Two weeks before now, I really started to look into college and applying for them to start on an associate’s degree for early childhood education, as I would like to be an elementary school teacher. I’ve always had a knack for teaching, and my dad even says that it’s in my blood, given the amount of teachers in our family.

Anyways, one college really got me excited.Collapse )

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Nonprofit management programs [asked on Saturday, April 07, 2012 @ 8:22pm]


Hello! I'm planning on graduating in June with a degree in Public Relations and a solid amount of experience doing PR internships for nonprofits. I'm pretty sure I want to go into the nonprofit sector in some sense, and I'm wondering if getting a graduate certificate/degree in nonprofit management at UOregon, UArizona, or USC would be a wise investment (or just a waste of time and money). Any input is appreciated.. Thanks!

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Graduate school! Ack! [asked on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 @ 6:58pm]

Hi everyone! 

I am graduating from college this spring, and am starting to think about where I would want to go to grad school in the next 2 years. I am an environmental studies + sociology major, but if I were to do it again I would probably do the environmental studies + writing option. I often forget how much I love to write because I usually just write academically here, but I have independently published 3 adventure novels, and when I do write, everything seems to calm down, and as someone with mild anxiety, this is the perfect therapy for me. I know I want to go to grad school in some sort of environmetnal field, but I can't decide if I want to be into policy, education, or writing. 

I want to know how any of you who have chosen grad schools or other walks of life have best done this. My main dilemma is this: I grew up in Florida but spent my undergrad years 6+ hours away from the coast, and I am now realizing how much I love the ocean and can't decide if I want to go to grad school to study the ocean or teach about the ocean or just be around it. As much as I love the ocean, I also just love the wilderness, and there is a grad school in Missoula Montana that specializes in Environmental writing, and some pretty prominent writers have come out of it. It would perfectly combine my love of writing with the environment, and I also know how important and influential literature can be, so as someone who wants to make a change in our society, this would also be a good path.

When I told one of my good friends about this, he said I shouldn't go there beacuse of how much I miss the ocean here, and I should take my life in the direction I want it to go to. So instead of going further from the ocean, I should go closer to the coast. 

I totally dork out about ocean and all that is in it, and I think I would make a good teacher and mentor, but writing is the best way for me to channel all my problems and emotions and everything. When I write, everything is fine. I honestly feel like I have potential to be a great writer if I put my mind to it, but where I live is also an important factor for my happiness. I am not a fan of the cold or dry weather, as I discovered here, but then again, the time I was in Montana was quite beautiful and Missoula would be more exciting than the small town I'm in now. 

I just was wondering if anyone had some advice..I have plenty of time to think about this and after undergrad I plan on taking a couple years off, so I'm sure I'll get some answers there, but I just want to see if any of you have some stories or advice to share. I know there is no "right" path, but like choosing undergrad, I'm scared that I'll make the wrong choice and regret my path later. 

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[asked on Monday, February 20, 2012 @ 8:42pm]

I need to drop a class at school because I was gone for 2 weeks and missed a lot of work plus a paper worth 50 points. The thing is I'm only taking 2 classes and if I drop one then I will be disqualified for my financial aid this term. Will this affect my financial aid for next term?
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[asked on Monday, February 06, 2012 @ 10:54am]

Hey guys!
So I'm just wondering if I'm the only one having a hard time adjusting to college? Commuting is a bitch and it's hard to meet people when I'm only on campus a few days a week. Any suggestions to make my life a little easier?
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[asked on Saturday, February 04, 2012 @ 2:19pm]

Just a thought. I print out loads at the moment because of being in the throes of doing a postgraduate thesis. I have found two ways to save money on printing at home.

- Inks. If you do not need a printout in colour, make sure you alter your print settings to only use black ink.

- Paper - if your printer supports it, always print double-sided, unless theres a specific reason not to. That way, you save about half the paper you would otherwise use!
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